Welcoming in Byron, Greenwich

Yesterday afternoon the lovely person running the Byron profile on Twitter announced their Greenwich outlet would be having its soft opening that night, and that there were spaces left for anyone interested in putting the team through its paces. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to enjoy the first of a handful of new restaurants scheduled to open on what’s now being called Greenwich Promenade, right in front of Greenwich Pier. And it’s a good thing I did, too – my partner and I had a quite frankly superb evening.


From the bubbly greeting from the clearly very well trained new staff through to the simply but effectively decorated restaurant itself, we were instantly impressed; having a good view of an excellent London sunset over the Thames didn’t hurt either. But of course it was all about the food, and it excelled. We started out with tortillas, salsa and guacamole:

The UK is improving at a rate of knots but it’s still a rare thing to enjoy a version of either dip which is truly excellent (Cantina Laredo springs to mind). The lime and coriander kick in the guacamole really got my attention though, and the salsa was fresh and zingy; I loved them!


I have to say the tortilla chips, clearly home made, were pretty good, and I followed them up with the Byron Burger:


The perfectly cooked medium rare beef worked wonderfully with the cheese and Byron sauce for a wonderfully rich burger experience. I had extra jalapeño chillis, which were nice but in future I think I’ll bring in some of The Rib Man’s Holy Fuck sauce, and see how well that works! Alongside the burger we had their house onion rings and courgette ‘fries’, the latter being so substantial they could have indeed worked as chip substitutes in their own right:


In hindsight their skin-on fries were a bit lifeless. Not really drab I suppose, but they did suffer in comparison with the excellence of the other plates. The onion rings however were a delight:


I’ve rarely had better anywhere to be honest. The rings themselves were nice and thin, and the batter seriously crispy and very light at the same time. We both washed all this deliciousness down with Byron Pale Ale, a delicious beer customised for them by the Camden Town Brewery (which I desperately want to visit); it couldn’t have complimented the burgers better. The excellent service by Kiwi Ashley would have topped the evening out, until we found the food on opening night was complimentary – a wonderfully generous gesture which has cemented my regular custom.

Byron Greenwich Promenade is open Mondays to Thursday 12.00-23.00, Friday to Saturday 12.00-23.30 and Sunday 12.00-22.30

(photos from my Instagram food feed)