Benito’s Hat – Kings Cross

To be completely honest I’d been put off from going into the Benito’s Hat restaurant in Covent Garden because it looked a little too spartan. So it was with a small amount of trepidation that I approached their recently opened branch in the new west concourse at London’s Kings Cross Station. On arrival I spent a fair amount of time marvelling at the architecture before hitting the restaurant itself, which seemed to have very little custom. It also seemed a trifle understaffed, and when my friend asked for a burrita (smaller burrito) there weren’t any ready, which seemed a little surprising at rush hour.


My order for a braised pork burrito went through quickly though, although there was some confusion about whether or not they could provide the advertised margaritas – somewhat of an issue, considering it was approaching the end of happy hour! Arrive though they did and I have to say the burrito was superb. The meat (marinated in black pepper, lime juice and balsamic vinegar) was beautifully moist without being wet, and there was an excellent balance between rice and meat! I would argue the tortilla was a tad too heavy, but particularly with such rich refried beans the experience as a whole was exceptional.


The organisational confusion was entirely forgivable considering it was their second day open, and with such great good and friendly service I’ll be delighted to eat there again. The eating space was comfortable, the station really is amazing, and they make a surprisingly mean margarita. Before I head up north again (which I frequently do), I’ll make an instantaneous beeline for them again.

Benito’s Hat is open Monday to Saturday 7am – 11pm Sunday 9am – 10pm