Brockley Market – Mother Flipper

Saturday saw my second visit to Mother Flipper, the burger innovators currently housed at Brockley Market on Saturdays. I never had a chance to talk to the guys who run it last month, but this time, whilst waiting for my Double Candy Bacon Flipper I did, and felt pretty rewarded for doing so. On putting my order in I started to take photos of the work in action, and was immediately drawn into friendly conversation with Toby, who showed the careful assembly of the firm but light brioche buns. No messing around, these guys were having a load of fun, knew what they were doing, and I was even treated to a taste of their chilli sauce (home made with scotch bonnets), which took my head off quite pleasingly for a few minutes. The Rib Man will have his work cut out for him when I finally cross paths with him this weekend!


I then had a longer chat with Manuel, whose brainchild Mother Flipper is, and watched him grilling these beautiful morsels. I was worried he’d be on his guard, overly cautious about a potential negative review, but nothing could have been further from the truth. We did discuss the merits of his brioche bun (he believed it didn’t pack enough punch), but apart from that it was largely me indulging in discussion about and enjoyment of my newest passion. I should point out that until meeting these guys I’d never eaten a cheeseburger in my life, but the cheese melting into the perfectly cooked 28 day aged chuck steak was just divine. Also divine in my Double Candy Bacon Flipper was the bacon, candied by the man himself with brown sugar, which added a smoky/sweet flavour to an already brilliant cheeseburger. Check this out:


Manuel used the cloche method to finish the burgers off, delivering me a succulent patty of deliciously seasoned, grilled beef. In short it was perfectly crafted by a really friendly team, who clearly love their work, and who are putting out the best hamburgers in south-east London right now; I particularly can’t wait until I get a chance to try the chilli burger! With a very little amount of tweaking and a little more word of mouth there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be huge in this town. Eat.St take note!


Brockley Market: every Saturday 10am-2pm