Eat.St – Beppino’s Pasta

I never thought for a moment that my first visit to the much praised street food mecca Eat.St would have had so much drama, but drama it had, and it resulted in free food and fond memories, which I’ll be more than delighted to revisit on my next visit in a fornight’s time! I arrived at King’s Cross Station most of the way through the normal 11am-2pm Eat.St run, found myself caught in the pouring rain, but headed up King’s Boulevard to see who was braving the frankly awful weather.


I noticed Luardos Burritos in their distinctive Citroen van, but decided against prioritising them because they appear now to be regulars at my local Brockley Market (which I’m quickly growing to love). Instead I aimed myself at Beppino’s Pasta, there for the first time and showing off some very tasty looking Five Meat Hand-Cut Ragu. Imagine my surprise though when, at the point of being served, the tent in which the lovely Ben was trading decided to try to take off in the howling gale! I held on for dear life, determined to rescue the brave new street food trader, who’d already treated me so well! Half an hour later the wind finally died down, more sandbags had been applied, and I’d been offered free food for my valiant efforts.


The fresh pasta was nicely al dente, the ragu both hearty and creamy at the same time. It was the first time I’d tried pasta as street food, and couldn’t have enjoyed the ridiculously good value portion any more than I did. I’d return in a heartbeat, partly because of the high quality of the makings, partly because of the high quality of the cooking, but in large measure because Ben’s not some aloof street chef doing this by the numbers. We may not have become friends, but we shared in our common humanity for a half hour, and he couldn’t have been a better advert for Eat.St if he’d tried.


Apologies for the absence of half decent food photography – I was so caught up in the drama of the weather and its attempts to destroy the Beppino’s pitch that I clean forgot to take any pictures of the food. I won’t make the same mistake the next time I visit Eat.St the weekend after next!

Eat.St: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday every week
4-6 traders each day, rotating for variety